News for 12th March

News for 12th March

Via Crucis, the way of the cross.

The way of the cross (Via Crucis) is depicted in most of our churches in different images, photos etc. and this gives us imaginary scenes of the process Jesus went through up to his crucifixion, death and burial in the tomb. 

This is part of the liturgy is a devotional exercise because we stand in front of the 14 stations which helps in our meditation on the passion of Jesus Christ. 

In going through the stations, we listen to words of encouragement, meditate, pray for ourselves and others including the faithful departed. 

I have always seen this liturgy as a great tool in presenting Jesus to an unbeliever and individuals who want a better description of how Jesus died on the cross. 

As a young Christian growing up, the Via Crucis helped to shape my understanding of Christianity and my social life. Indeed, it was clear to me that nothing good comes easy and to achieve greatness takes time. I always made sure never to miss the liturgy of the stations of the cross because I see God speaking to me in this devotional exercise.

Jesus Christ went through all this so that we will be saved and have eternal life. What Jesus Christ did for us on the cross is what makes us who we are today. 

I am always encouraged to press on no matter the difficulty when I read this scripture 

“…if anyone would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

Fr. Josiah


Other News

On Thursday (16th) we’ll be joined by three bishops. Bishop Sarah as Bishop of London is visiting churches in the Willesden Area alongside Bishop Lusa (Bishop of Willesden) and our Bishop, Jonathan (Bishop of Fulham). Please do come along at midday for a short period of prayer followed by lunch and conversations with the bishops. Nothing too serious, just a chat over coffee from the new coffee bike and some lovely cake. An opportunity to tell the Bishops exactly what you think of St. Anselm’s and Hayes!

During Lent there will be a Priest available for confessions for an hour before each mass. Make your way to the statue of Jesus and the Priest will hear your confession or will help you make your first confession. 

Next Sunday is Mothering Sunday (not Mother’s Day as I was told off for saying this week!) Please do come home to your mother church here in Hayes. There will be a small gift for all mothers at the end of Mass.

Can you bring in any spare plastic bags you have for foodbank please?