News for 12th June

News for 12th June

The father, son & Holy Spirit.

Just a week after we celebrate the decent of the Holy Spirit into the room filled with Jesus disciples we take a moment to praise and pray for a deeper understanding of the Holy Trinity.

The Trinity pervades every aspect of our faith – it is one of the central planks of our faith – everything we do, everything we are sent out to do is done in the power of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

It is possible, I think, to overthink this. 

To try to figure out HOW this trinity of God works. We are human and modern humans attempt to understand the world through the lens of science and ‘reason’.

The issue of course is that creation is rather more complex and difficult than we can understand.

We are not God and we are reaching and trying as hard as we can to understand things that He created and put into place.

It’s just not possible. 

This is not to say that we shouldn’t try – that we shouldn’t engage in trying to understand the the universe through science and ‘reason’; but rather to accept that there are things that we can not neatly fit into categories of science that are central to how we exist in the universe. 

We are not God. 

Sometimes we need to accept that it is wiser to exist and simply appreciate and give thanks for what God has made – and our part in it.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

22nd – 26th August, 10am-4pm. We are lucky enough that five people have volunteered to be leaders for our summer holiday club. We’re now looking for people who can commit to a few hours to help with things like making tea & coffee, tidying up at the end of each day and other assisting tasks. Please speak to Fr. Matthew or Julie Estep (Sunday School Leader) or sign up on the sheet in church. 

12th July, 10:30am-6pm. I’m still looking for volunteers for the 12th July to meet with  Priests applying for our new Mission Priest job (interviews with +Jonathan on the 13th July). If you’d like to meet the applicants or help with showing them around the parish please be in touch.