We are always here to help.

At St. Anselm we will hold your hand as you say goodbye to your loved one, we will pray for you and we walk alongside you. Our support is not just at the funeral – it starts the moment you or the funeral director contacts us and continues after the service.

We will meet with you to arrange a personal and unique funeral that will celebrate your loved one – and also hold them before God. We will be alongside you during the service and will will visit afterwards and provide any long-term support you may need.

Funerals can be arranged in church, or a Priest of St. Anselm can take the funeral at one of the local crematoriums. There’s no difference in the price and we are very happy to support you wherever you decide to hold your funeral.

If you chose to have a funeral in church we offer state of the art live streaming of services at no extra cost. You can watch our services via our live streaming page to get a sense of what we offer.

We can also produce a beautiful Order of Service for you.

If you’d like to arrange a funeral at St. Anselm, or request one of our ministers for a crematorium funeral please ask your funeral director or contact us directly using the details on our contact us page.